Eboni and Vander

From college sweethearts to happily ever after, #JourneyToBreland wowed guest and family members alike with their magical waterfall ceremony at The Bell Tower on 34th!!!  Congratulations and continued blessing for many years to come!!!

BrelandSite-1-3 BrelandSite-15 BrelandSite-8 BrelandSite-17 BrelandSite-19 BrelandSite-23 BrelandSite-3 BrelandSite-4 BrelandSite-6 BrelandSite-29 BrelandSite-41BrelandSite-98 BrelandSite-43 BrelandSite-44 BrelandSite-99BrelandSite-100 BrelandSite-102 BrelandSite-51 BrelandSite-49 BrelandSite-2-2 BrelandSite-106BrelandSite-3-2 BrelandSite-64 BrelandSite-65 BrelandSite-63 BrelandSite-62 BrelandSite-77 BrelandSite-75 BrelandSite-69 BrelandSite-78 BrelandSite-79 BrelandSite-80 BrelandSite-84 BrelandSite-85 BrelandSite-86 BrelandSite-81 BrelandSite-87 BrelandSite-89BrelandSite-112 BrelandSite-92 BrelandSite-93 BrelandSite-94 BrelandSite-95 BrelandSite-122 BrelandSite-123 BrelandSite-124 BrelandSite-125 BrelandSite-83 BrelandSite-4-22

Venue: The Bell Tower on 34th

Florals: Keisha’s Kreations

Photography & Videography: Addison J. Weddings

Cake: Cakes by Gina

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