The 1940’s Zeitgist

1940’s Zeitgeist: The embodiment of decadent glamour, provocative fashion, global turmoil and unapologetic excess! An era embattled in world war for the second time. A time period when The States were charging full speed ahead of France in the fashion Industry. For the first time it was not Paris, Milan, or London, But Hollywood, that was defining the status quo of style. A decade when it was not uncommon to see a zoot suit moving to the swinging tunes of the big band playing in the club operated by the local mob. The eon that when seen femininity being redefined as a result of the post-Industrial revolution.

That’s why I was feverishly delighted when we received a call from a young couple that wanted to their engagement shoot to capture all that the 1940’s had to offer! Being an 80’s baby, I had to do my fair share of research, but to my amazement, this post war decade was brimming with a dramatic flare that could really bring their engagement shoot to life!

To the Up-and-Coming Photographer:

Don’t be afraid to probe the minds of potential clients to get a thorough understanding of what they are looking for. Sometimes, new photographers feel uneasy about asking clients for their ideas out of fear that they may sound like an in-experienced photographer. On the contrary, an experience photographer understands that its not how long you have been in business that makes customers return. Like any relationship theirs always two sides to every story. Be careful not to get caught up in trying to tell your own story; Remember, the potential client is paying you to bring their story to life. This only takes place through the attentive ear of the photographer. In short, if you desire to be the first person that comes to mind when a client needs a photographer, you have to make them feel like you are the best person to hear their ideas and bring them to life as if they were your own.

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